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Ideal for travelers.... take one skirt & several tops... or one top and several skirts... change the look every time you attend a dance... keep people wondering just HOW MANY outfits you have!!!!


39.jpg (96339 bytes)
Start with this...
29.jpg (79598 bytes) 30.jpg (79069 bytes) 31.jpg (82170 bytes)
Add an overskirt, change the blouse, add a belt...
Or... start with a white blouse and a skirt with one ruffle...
j1.jpg (32081 bytes) j2.jpg (33122 bytes) j3.jpg (35013 bytes)
Add feathers...
j4.jpg (40270 bytes) j5.jpg (41447 bytes) j6.jpg (42053 bytes)
Add an overskirt plus or minus the feathers...
j7.jpg (39162 bytes) j8.jpg (39707 bytes) j9.jpg (46500 bytes)
Add a cape and/or feathers and/or an overskirt...
bl-sk2.jpg (11101 bytes) bl-sk1.jpg (7448 bytes) bl-sk3.jpg (7189 bytes)
The outfit above has a reversible vest.

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